Dining in Miami

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Miami, Florida has so many restaurants to choose from that it is difficult to know which one to try. Here is an article http://www.rarebreed215.com/ that has some great suggestions. Each restaurant has pretty good ratings and their food is priced … Continued

Concrete Sealing for Pavers in Las Vegas

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What I do for a living is quite unique and brings big challenges all the time.  I’m currently building a lead generation web site for concrete sealing and paver sealing.  So I’m building away and literally finding that my site … Continued

Charlie and Jenny’s wedding

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My uncle Charlie got married right before I left back home to Oregon, and he had a huge wedding. I’m family, so obviously I was invited. He rented a chalet up at Graeagle (pronounced GRAY-EAGLE) and we spent the weekend … Continued

Rolling the new business in Denver

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So, it’s time to move onto Denver.  We’re going to open a small company there.  It will start small, but after some market analysis, we’re sure that it will be our biggest company due to the potential in the Denver … Continued

Fear or Fear Not.

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I was just listening to a podcast with Seth Godin.  Deep into the interview, the interviewer asked Seth a simple question, “what do you fear?”. Seth gave an interesting answer, “I fear not doing what I do well.  I don’t … Continued